O U R    S T O R Y


P o o m p a n y a

Poompanya is Thai word means “Wisdom” or the knowledge that has been discovered or acquired by local through long experience.

“Poompanya is committed to conserving the folk wisdom and crafts on generations to promote a better quality of life.”

About me

“Hi, I am Chalocha from Thailand, the founder of the Poompanya shop. I grew up in a small village from southern Thailand. Since I was a child, I have seen my grandma and many local artisans from my village produced handicraft bags. And I know that these handmade bags are so valuable.

The local artisans use their own traditional craft skills to generate income for their households. I really appreciate their hard work and want to support them and try to preserve these traditional crafts skills and transfer them to the next generation.

The whole process of making Thai handicraft products might take more than a month. Each handcraft is made 100% by hand. The products are made with love, care, and patience. It is a very special and unique handmade piece.   

That’ s why I want to share this excellent handcrafted bag with the world so that everyone can get a nice experience using the authentic handmade bag from Poompanya.”

– Chalocha, Founder of Poompanya

Why many people around the world choose handicraft bags from Poompanya shop?

·        100% Hand crafted & the best quality

·        Free Shipping to many countries

·        Fast Delivery

·        You will get the authentic product directly from the ethically sourced

·        Empower & support the local artisans



Now we are working together with the talented artisans in Thailand and Bali, Indonesia. We create the fabulously handcrafted bag style which is made by traditional methods.

Please enjoy local artisan craftsmanship and thank you for supporting us.